Wholesaler's rules

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  1. This website is only used for selling BY WHOLESALE. We do not sell to consumers as referred to in Art. 22[1] of the Civil Code and Art. 2(1) of the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2011/83/EU of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights.

  2. The owner of the brand and distributor (seller) of the Beauty Night nightclothes is the company: Beauty Night Fashion Grazyna Turek, with its seat at: Brzoskwiniowa 2, 42130 Wreczyca Wielka, Poland, VAT-EU: PL5741785669, wholesaler's warehouse: phone +48 34 321 70 53, mobile: +48 530 920 752, cooperation: +48 515 987 341 email: info@beautynight.pl


  1. The offer of partnership is addressed to companies that sell or intend to sell this type of products, e.g. via their own online store, traditional store or as a wholesaler. To become our partner, you only have to contact us or fill in a registration form. New accounts are usually activated once a day. If the account is not activated within 24 hours, please contact us by phone: +48 515 987 341 or email: cooperation@beautynight.pl

    We reserve the right to delete the account or deactivate it (no possibility to log in to the B2B system). This applies to accounts without orders, without logging in for several months, etc. If you have lost the status of a wholesaler - contact us.

  2. All purchase prices are net prices.

  3. Purchasers from other EU countries that are payers of VAT identified for the purpose of intra-Community transactions within the territory of a member state other than Poland can make a purchase as an intra-Community transaction. The purchaser must have an active EU VAT number outside of Poland. In this case, the seller will use VAT at 0% rate, and the purchaser will pay VAT in their country. Such transactions require meeting numerous additional conditions, including appropriate documentation. If the additional conditions are not fully met, the net price will be increased by VAT at 23%.

  4. All the products in the store's offer are brand-new and covered by a warranty.


    For companies outside of Poland, only the prepayment option is currently available.

    Data for foreign transfers in EUR: IBAN No: PL 95 1020 1664 0000 3502 0231 0787,

    Bank: PKO BP SA, ul. Pulawska 15, 02-515 Warsaw, SWIFT: BPKOPLPW 


    Goods available in the warehouse are usually shipped on the day when the order was placed or when the prepayment was credited or on the next working day. Goods are sent by the courier selected during order placement. Goods become the property of the purchaser the moment they are shipped (collected by the courier). The place where the seller provides the performance of its service is the seller's registered place of business.

    1. SHIPPING CHARGES are displayed next to the options depending on the selected payment and delivery methods and the delivery country. 


    Companies that intend to sell our products online (in own online stores) shall follow the principles specified below to be able to use photos, descriptions, etc. made available by us.

     Sales conditions:

    1. You must provide us with URL addresses of the online stores, etc. where you will sell our products.

    2. You must include the producer name, Beauty Night, in the description of a product.

    3. If you are willing to sell by wholesale (to other companies), i.e. purchase our goods for later resale, please contact us for signing an appropriate contract.

    1. TERMS FOR DISTRIBUTORS - companies interested in distribution should contact us at: +48 515 987 341 or email: cooperation@beautynight.pl